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Things You Need To Know
About Booking The 727s Band


Thank you for your interest in booking The 727s Band.

Below is some information you need to know and that we think you will find helpful when booking The 727s Band to play a Show at your Venue.

When you are ready to Book The 727s Band, please email us at:

Or use our convenient Booking Form via the link below.

If you have any questions, or if we can be of assistance in any way, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Matt and Greg
The 727s Band

Matt Wininsky – ‭(727) 385-8072 –
Greg Sinadinos – (813) 316-7300 –


The following dates are available to BOOK The 727s Band.
Please CONFIRM the date(s) you would like to book with the band on our Availability Calendar as availability may have changed recently.
For SUNDAY or other weekday availability, please contact us.

May - 03 - Fri - OPEN
May - 04 - Sat - OPEN
May - 10 - Fri - OPEN
May - 11 - Sat - OPEN
May - 18 - Sat - OPEN
May - 24 - Fri - OPEN
May - 31 - Fri - OPEN
Jun - 01 - Sat - OPEN
Jun - 07 - Fri - OPEN
Jun - 08 - Sat - OPEN
Jul - 05 - Fri - OPEN
Jul - 06 - Sat - OPEN
Jul - 12 - Fri - OPEN
Jul - 13 - Sat - OPEN
Jul - 20 - Sat - OPEN
Jul - 26 - Fri - OPEN
Aug - 02 - Fri - OPEN
Aug - 03 - Sat - OPEN
Aug - 09 - Fri - OPEN
Aug - 16 - Fri - OPEN
Aug - 17 - Sat - OPEN
Aug - 23 - Fri - OPEN
Aug - 30 - Fri - OPEN
Aug - 31 - Sat - OPEN
Sep - 06 - Fri - OPEN
Sep - 07 - Sat - OPEN
Sep - 13 - Fri - OPEN
Sep - 14 - Sat - OPEN
Sep - 20 - Fri - OPEN
Sep - 21 - Sat - OPEN
Sep - 27 - Fri - OPEN
Oct - 04 - Fri - OPEN
Oct - 05 - Sat - OPEN
Oct - 12 - Sat - OPEN
Oct - 18 - Fri - OPEN
Oct - 25 - Fri - OPEN
Nov - 01 - Fri - OPEN
Nov - 02 - Sat - OPEN
Nov - 08 - Fri - OPEN
Nov - 15 - Fri - OPEN
Nov - 16 - Sat - OPEN
Nov - 22 - Fri - OPEN
Nov - 23 - Sat - OPEN
Dec - 06 - Fri - OPEN
Dec - 07 - Sat - OPEN
Dec - 13 - Fri - OPEN
Dec - 14 - Sat - OPEN
Dec - 20 - Fri - OPEN
Dec - 21 - Sat - OPEN
Dec - 27 - Fri - OPEN


Please check our available dates to book The 727s Band via the button above.

“Available”:  Means that date is available for booking.  Please contact us to confirm that date and finalize details for the show.

“Booked”:  Means we have already booked that date.

Blank Dates:  Most weekend dates that appear Blank are not available for booking.  If you are interested in a SUNDAY or Weeknight date that is “Blank”, please contact us.

Weeknight Dates:  Our Availability Calendar tracks Weekend Dates as that is when we normally play our shows.  If you are interested in The 727s Band for a Weeknight Show, please contact us for availability.



Please check our available dates above to book The 727s Band.


When you book The 727s Band, we help with Marketing & Promotion of the Show at your Venue.

MARKETING GRAPHIC(S):  We will produce a Marketing Graphic for the Show that we will use to promote the Show on our Website and Social Media.  We always attempt to promote your Venue when we create our Marketing Graphic(s).

ONLINE PROMOTION:  We will give our best efforts to promote our Show at your Venue online.  This may include a listing on our Website Shows Page, creation of a FaceBook Event, and additional Social Media posts and shares with information about the Show.

FACEBOOK EVENT:  The 727s Band may create a FaceBook Event for our Show at your Venue.  If we create a FaceBook Event and your Venue has a FaceBook Page, we will invite your Venue to “Co-Host” the FaceBook Event with us.  Co-Hosting the FaceBook Event with us will both save you time from having to create a FaceBook Event for the Show and will combine our Social Media synergy by having only one FaceBook Event for the Show (instead of two Events, ours and yours).  This will promote your Venue directly to The 727s Band audience and fan-base.


When you book The 727s Band, the booking includes the following:

THE BAND:  We are a 5-piece Rock & Roll Cover Band with a Lead Singer, two Guitar Players, a Bass Guitar Player, and a Drummer.

MUSIC GEAR:  We supply our own Music Gear including Microphones, Guitars, Guitar Amplifiers, Drum Kit, and Cabling.

STAGE SOUND SYSTEM:  We supply our own Stage Sound System including Mixing Board, Floor Monitor Speakers, and Cabling.

PA MAIN SPEAKER SYSTEM:  If needed, we can supply our own PA Main Speakers with Power Amplifier, Powered Subwoofer(s)and Cabling.

STAGE LIGHTING:  If needed, we can supply Stage Lights.

MUSIC:  We will perform Music Sets for the length of the Show which consist of Songs primarily from the Song List our Website Song Page.  One Show Hour consists of approximately 50-minutes of music and a 10-minute break.  Music Sets will be of varied length, but breaks will follow the (50min/10min) ratio as closely as possible.  Slight variations in time can occur.


In order for us to have a successful Show at your Venue, there are a few things we will need from you:

1. POWER:  We need access to at lease two power outlets with enough power for a 5-piece cover band.  It’s best if the two power outlets are on separate breakers.

2. VENUE ACCESS:  Appropriate access into and out of your Venue for our Band Members and all Stage and Sound Equipment 2-hours before the Show and 1-hour after the Show, as well as appropriate access onto and off-of the Stage Area.

3. MARKETING & PROMOTION:  If you have the means, please help us promote the Show on your Website and Social Media.


Playing great Rock & Roll requires POWER!  Our Music Gear, Stage Sound System, and PA Main Speaker System will require us to have access to an appropriate power source(s) at your Venue.

Equipment power needs will go here…


We believe in a win-win and understand that any band or show needs to make financial sense for you as a business.

We are open to discuss any financial constraints you may have with booking The 727s Band to play at your Venue.  

Please contact us to discuss your Band Budget and we will try to work something out.

If warranted, our Regular Rates may be negotiated so you can see and hear our band play live in your establishment and give you and idea of the crowd we draw for our shows.



$200 Travel/Setup/Breakdown
$100 / Hour of Showtime


$600 – 4-hour show

$500 – 3-hour show

TRAVEL:  Travel is included in our Regular Rates within our Home Area of Pinellas or Hillsborough County Florida.  Additional travel charges may apply if the show is outside of our Home Area.

WEATHER / POWER:  If The 727s Band arrives and sets-up to play the Show at your Venue and is subsequently cancelled due to weather or lack of adequate power, our Travel/Setup/Breakdown rate of $200 applies to compensate our Band Members for their time and efforts in traveling to your Venue and setting-up and breaking-down our equipment.


FULL PAYMENT:  Payment in full is expected no later than the conclusion of our Show at your Venue unless other arrangements have been made.

METHODS OF PAYMENT:  We accept payment in Cash, Check, or Digital Payment via Zelle, Venmo, or PayPal.  If paying by Check, please make the Check out to one of our Band Members in their Name.

DEPOSIT:  We reserve the right to request a Show Deposit for any show.  All Private Parties will require a $100 Non-Refundable Deposit for us to reserve the Date/Time of the Show for your Private Party.