The Band:

The History

How It All Started


Matt and Larry, who have been friends for about 15 years, often talked for hours about their mutual love for music.  Larry is a talented guitar who has played in several bands throughout his life, including the former Tampa Bay rock cover band Condition 6.  Matt, who had fun and loved singing karaoke with his family and friends, also loved hopping on stage and occasionally singing with a rock band too. 

In 2021 Matt and Larry decided they would try the “band thing” to see where it leads.  Larry was friends with drummer Nick (“The Beast”) who he knew would be interested in playing.  Matt’s friend Tony, who plays bass in Tampa Bay rock cover band Oysterbone Band, connected Matt with his band’s backup bass player Greg.

The 727s Band - 2022

The 727s Band was born. The four founding members now had a solid and distinctive sound with lead vocals, guitar, bass, and a drums covered. The guys then discussed adding a second guitar player to enhance the band’s depth. Fortunately, the band knew other local rock guitarists from other bands who would fill-in until the spot was filled.


The 727s Band - 2021 with Guest Guitarist Adrian

The four played their first show at The St Paul Festival as the Friday night headliner in Fall 2021.  To pull it off, they joining forces with another talented former guitar player from the Condition 6 Band and an experienced female vocalist. 

After the festival show, The 727s Band played three more shows with a helping hand on guitar from Greg and Matt’s fretboard-shredding friend Adrian, a vocalist and guitarist for Tampa Bay rock/dance band The Shakes Society and drummer for Oysterbone Band.

The 727s Band @ Skipper's Smokehouse

The next two shows featured seasoned musician Marty, the former guitar player for Rosewood Creek.  Marty not only added a crunching lead, but he also played violin and harmonica, which added flavor to several songs.  While we had hoped to retain Marty for more than two shows, he recently retired from Pinellas County Schools and is busy playing local gigs with his wife (also a musician) and planning a vacation to Italy.  Don’t worry, Marty still joins us on stage with his harmonica from time to time, which both we and our audience enjoy.

The 727s Band @ Bar Fly Palm Harbor

Our backup guitarist Steve, the co-founder and guitar player for The 27th Street Band, has joined us for several shows and we can not overstate our appreciation to Steve for filling-in.

DECEMBER 2022 – Currently the band is seeking another full-time guitar player to assist Larry with the rhythm and lead guitar load.  If you’re interested in playing with The 727s Band, please reach out.