"Phil the Tip Jar"

The 6th Member of our Band
“Phil the Tip Jar”

Phil the Tip Jar


No cash on hand at the show?  No problem!

We thank you for your interest in The 727s Band, your attendance at our Show(s), and your consideration of leaving a digital tip for the band.


We don’t do it for the money.  We work hard, buy equipment, practice, and put on great Rock & Roll cover band shows because we love music and we love to play for you. Watching you have a good time and enjoying our music is our ultimate reward.

But, your tips pay for our gas money.  If you would like to help with that, you can leave a little something for The 727s Band right here in our Digital “Phil the Tip Jar”.  There are several digital payment methods listed below for your convenience.

Thank you from Your Friends,
The 727s Band


In your Venmo App
or online, send your
Venmo Payment to:


or go to: / the727s

via the button below.


In your PayPal App
or online, send your
PayPal Payment to:


or go to: / the727s

via the button below.


In your Bank App
send your
Zelle Payment to:


Zelle to the727s -at-

Thank You For
Your Support !!!