The Band:


Powerful Lead & Smooth Rhythm


Steve Our Guest on Guitar

About Steve:

Steve is the co-founder of and guitar player in The 27th Street Band in St. Petersburg.  Thankfully, Steve was also The 727s Band’s backup guitar player, filling in when needed to help us carryout our belief that the “show must go on”.

While The 727s Band greatly appreciated Steve’s time and efforts in learning our song list, attending practice, playing at our shows, and his commitment to playing rock and roll, we wanted more from Steve.

After the recent departure of The 727s Band guitar player Marty, who recently retired from Pinellas County Schools, Steve stepped-up and played a larger role.  He enabled us to play our scheduled shows and keep our commitment to our venue customers by filling their establishments with quality rock and roll cover music.  In fact, we appreciated Steve stepping in so much that we’ve asked him to join us as our 2nd guitar player.